Consumers more receptive to marketing when company values known

Research found that addressing current events and developing an authentic brand identity is well-received by consumers.

I trust you spelled out with Srabble tiles. Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Nearly 90% of consumers are more receptive to a brand’s marketing if they are aware of its values, according to research by cross-channel marketing platform, Iterable.

The study, conducted on UK and US consumers, looked into why this is the case. Knowing the beliefs of a brand gave about one-third (34%) of consumers insights into a company’s purpose. However, 44% of respondents said that knowing a brand’s values allowed them to see that brand’s identity. More than half (62%) stated that it created a sense of trust with the brand.

The data revealed that inclusive marketing and awareness of social and political issues were generally well-received by consumers. Including these types of messages in marketing materials gave consumers a look at a brand’s values.

Inclusive marketing

Consumers responded positively to inclusive marketing. This includes using diverse imagery and inclusive language in messaging and other promotional materials. Consumers also appreciated when brands took care to accommodate socioeconomic differences in the customer base. 40% of respondents noted and responded positively when brands included price points or payment plans in their messaging.

Elle Nadal, director of marketing, EMEA at Iterable, said: “These results communicate, with certainty, that one-size-fits-all and generalised marketing campaigns are antiquated and ineffective. Customers are verbalising their desire to do business with brands that lead their communications with care.”

Attention to current events

Brands should also be aware of the social-political sphere so that they can actively respond to issues in their marketing materials. By doing this, it can strengthen customer relations.

The data showed that brands are including more socially and politically-oriented messages in their marketing materials. More than half (58%) of US and UK consumers noted that they saw brand messages that made these types of statements. Almost three-quarters (71%) of consumers said they felt positively about brands when they received such messaging from them.

Nadal added: “Stand for something, message your mission and lead with humanity to land most effectively. Authentic communication will ensure that you build genuine, long-term connections with your customers.”

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