Humane Society International’s campaign gets 100 million+ online hits

Set on calling an end to animal testing, Humane Society International says the response to its Save Ralph campaign has been phenomenal.

Save Ralph in HSI's video campaign. Ralph, spokes-bunny for HSI's global campaign to ban cosmetic testing on animals.

The latest marketing campaign from Humane Society International (HSI), Save Ralph, has amassed 100 million online views and more than three million petition signatures.

With the campaign’s stop motion short film the audience follows the typical ‘work-day’ of Ralph the Rabbit. Voiced by Taika Waititi, Ralph is subjected to the cruel animal testing that many rabbits suffer from in the cosmetics industry.

Designed to call for an end to cosmetic testing on animals around the world, the Save Ralph campaign has been broadcast in more than 14 languages.

Director of the video, Spencer Susser, said his hope for the film was to “create something that delivers a message without being too heavy handed”.

Save Ralph Image 2

Ralph, spokes-bunny for HSI’s global campaign to ban cosmetic testing on animals.

Donna Godomski, senior director of external affairs, HSI. told Marketing Gazette: “The global response has been phenomenal. The film has had more than 100 million views on-line so far, and it’s really taken off on Tik Tok too with over 440 million #SaveRalph views of posts, challenges and petition drives.

“We’re thrilled that Save Ralph is touching the hearts of people of all ages across the globe with the message that no animal should suffer and die in the name of beauty. Ralph really seems to resonate with people, and that’s exactly what we were hoping for.

“The truth of animal testing is so upsetting that often people simply turn away, so we needed a way to draw the audience in and really capture their attention for the benefit of these animals. Save Ralph does just that because you fall in love with Ralph and your heart breaks for him.”

The organisation is already seeing direct results due to the campaign, according to Godomski.

She added: “We’ve received well over three million petition signatures in our target countries so far, which is fantastic since it clearly demonstrates to law makers that their constituents want legislative change. And we are already seeing legislative movement in some areas as a result of Ralph.

“The key for us is turning all this momentum into tangible progress for animals. Changing laws takes time of course, but showing the strength of public support is crucial, so Ralph is definitely doing us proud!”

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