Cadbury ‘Bus’ advert encourages acts of kindness

This latest advert spreads an important message during these uncertain times.

In its latest advert, ‘Bus’, Cadbury spreads the message that “there is a glass and a half in everyone”.

The short film, created by VCCP London, features a young boy who is travelling on a bus with his mother. He holds a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk, which his mum tells him to save. He looks around the bus and sees a crying teenage girl next to him. When he notices her, he offers her some of the chocolate. She declines his offer, but smiles at his gesture. The advert then ends with the message: “there’s a glass & a half in everyone”.

Executive creative directors at VCCP, Chris Birch and Jonny Parker, said: “We’ve all been there – on a bus or a train – and seen someone sad and upset. Most of the time we look away, minding our own business. But the generous hearted amongst us know better. This film tells that story.”

Academy director Fréderic Planchon directed the film. This director was behind the previous Cadbury adverts, ‘Fence’ and ‘Mum’s Birthday’. It was filmed prior to the pandemic, which has isolated many from their friends and family. This isolation has made this past year difficult, but Cadbury hopes this advert will ease negative emotions.

Colin O’Toole, the Cadbury associate director of marketing in the UK and Ireland, added: “In a time when we haven’t had much human interaction, our latest advert reminds people of the big impact we can all have on others with even the smallest acts of kindness.”

‘Bus’ will be in circulation until the end of October 2021.

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