Motel Rocks’ adverts banned for featuring ‘unhealthily thin’ looking models

The Advertising Standards Authority has ordered the fashion retailer’s adverts to be removed from Facebook.

Model in Motel Rocks' banned advert.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned two adverts promoting fashion retailer Motel Rocks’.

The UK’s advertising watchdog had received five complaints throughout April and May 2021 from members of the public who believed the ads depicted unhealthily thin models, and challenged whether the ads were irresponsible.

The ASA has since ruled that both ads breach its regulations on responsible advertising and may not be used again.

The ruling noted that, in one advert, the models’ thighs and lower legs seemed out of proportion compared to the rest of her body.

These issues were most likely exaggerated by the lighting and the model’s position in the images.

The second ad showcased a model’s arm and shoulders looking thin, and her bones were very prominent. Her upper arm seemed to be thinner than her elbow joint.

A spokesperson for ASA said: “We noted that the target market was young people. We considered that using models that adopted positions in which their collarbones were emphasised, that wore make up and that posed in ways that made their bodies appear thinner were likely to create the impression that the images were something to aspire to upon the target audience.”

Rustin and Mallory Wholesale, the company that owns Motel Rocks, has informed the ASA that it has removed the controversial images.

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