A rise in Instagram popularity offers brands a new selling point

82% of consumers increased their social media usage during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Instagram is the preferred social media platform in the UK, with 46% of consumers naming it their most visited platform to consume information over the course of the coronavirus pandemic.

This is one of the key findings from a survey of 3,232 Brits conducted by social shopping platform Influenster and tech firm Bazaarvoice on June 17-19 2020.

The study found that 82% of consumers increased their social media usage during the COVID-19 crisis. 67% used Instagram more frequently and 47% increased their consumption of TikTok, the phenomenon that has swept the nation, becoming the most frequently visited platform for 21% of consumers over the course of lockdown. The increased numbers of TikTok users correlates with the decrease in those using Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter, with 53% saying they used this newfound time to try another social media channel, such as TikTok.

Instagram and TikTok are most popular due to their strong positions as influencer and shopping content platforms. Evidence demonstrates that these have been the most popular forms of content with consumers during the past few months. Popularity of shopping via social media has been steadily inclining over the past few years, with 63% of people surveyed admitting they shopped on social media prior to the pandemic. According to the data, a quarter of consumers choose to shop on social media, with a mammoth 92% of those opting for Instagram, followed by 39% for Facebook, 22% for YouTube and 20% for TikTok.

The data highlights the ever-growing power of social media’s impact on consumerism. Over the course of the pandemic, social media platforms have been the most popular means of accessing information about brands, with 72% visiting a brand’s social media sites prior to purchase.

Brands must therefore be quick to respond to these behavioural changes catalysed by the pandemic, in order to fulfil the demands of consumers. The changing trends offers a good opportunity for brands to create engaging content and boost their social media presence. According to Suzin Wold, senior VP for marketing at Bazaarvoice, brands must identify their community and tailor their content to suit them.

She said: “By focusing on their community, retail brands can provide relevant, high-quality content that engages consumers on the platforms that matter to them most.”

The rise in the popularity of social media presents brands with the opportunity to target and appeal to their specific market.

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