First virtual book signing created for Dan Brown’s ‘Origin’

The project was a collaboration between promotions platform BeeLiked and video agency Nemorin Creative.

Dan Brown's book Origin, page with a signature from Dan Brown, text saying

Interactive promotions platform BeeLiked has created the world’s first virtual book signing for The Da Vinci Code author, Dan Brown.

The company was commissioned by the Knopf Doubleday publishing group to create a campaign to help publicise Brown’s latest novel, Origin, and collect data for marketing purposes.

BeeLiked created a book cover design contest and a held a vote for fans to choose their favourite design, both created using custom templates on the company’s existing contest platform. It also created a virtual book signing using video personalisation technology.

The inspiration for the book signing came from the traditional method of promotion for new books, and the personalised videos were used as a reward for fans who voted in the book cover design competition.

Damian Dutton, CEO at BeeLiked, said: “This campaign was all about creating something shareable and something that would engage Dan Brown’s fans, so you have to do something that is going to appeal to that individual that they’re really going to want to share with their friends.”

“It was about engaging them in the story so that they want to read the book and want to find out more, but it was also to engage them in a quiz-like puzzle that shouldn’t be too taxing but at the end provides a reward they really want to tell their friends about,” said Dutton.

The Origin Design Contest was created using an original template with BeeLiked’s Multi-Media Campaign. It was optimised for smaller screens to cater for the 70% of entries that came from phones or tablets. Participants were able to upload their designs via Dropbox, or their phone or computer.

The voting campaign was created using the company’s Top of the Polls campaign with a new template. It also integrated third-party video personalisation software to allow each entry to generate its own video. 

The video technology used motion tracking and a font developed using provided samples of Dan Brown’s own handwriting. BeeLiked was also able to create a personalised voice welcome for each video using Amazon Polly.

BeeLiked’s partner for the project was branded video agency, Nemorin Creative.

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