Currys PC World launches its first branded TikTok campaign

The #TechTokTips hashtag challenge will drive awareness of the available technological devices and showcase the company's technical expertise.

Someone holing a smartphone displaying a TikTok profile.

Currys PC World has become one of the first UK retailers to partner on a campaign with TikTok as it launched its first branded hashtag challenge titled #TechTokTips.

The challenge requires customers to create and share their top technical tips for common at-home appliances and tech devices for a chance to win a tech bundle. The bundle includes 18 prizes worth over £5,000, including popular brands like Sony, Samsung, Apple or Dyson.

The company aims to adopt a more personal approach to the tech, providing in-store tutorials with helpful tips and tricks. A branded TikTok campaign could help achieve this goal by allowing Currys PC World to share usage tips for tech devices innovatively.

The #TechTokTips hashtag challenge will drive awareness of the available technological devices and showcase the company’s technical expertise. The challenge will be the start of the refreshed and renewed brand strategy. It will also help to get Currys PC World customers talking about tech.

Currys PC World collaborated with more than 20 TikTok creators who will help kick-start the challenge. The user-generated content will be repurposed on Currys PC World social media accounts over the next six months.

The company hopes that establishing a presence on social media platform that continues to grow in popularity will help it to stand out as a market leader and tech expert.

TikTok is a short video creation application. It has gained popularity, especially among young people, who crave micro entertainment. Videos allow users to showcase their talent by singing, dancing, acting or mimicking popular songs or audio clips.

Hashtags are an integral part of TikTok, allowing users to find content and join a conversation on the topic of their interest. #TechTokTips branded hashtag challenge will allow TikTok users to build a community of tech lovers around the hashtag.

Corrin Mills, head of brand, communications and planning at Currys PC World, said: “We’re no strangers to innovation and are incredibly excited to be working alongside TikTok to bring this hashtag challenge to life.

“Our goal is to get the nation talking about fantastic tech, and we believe this #TechTokTips hashtag challenge – which is one of the first for the tech retail space – will help inspire people to join the conversation and remind them that we are the go-to experts on all things tech.”

UK residents over 18 years old will be able to take part in the challenge running from April 8 until April 30, 2021.

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