IRN BRU launches advert for Scotland’s Euro 2020 kick-off

Drinks firm reveal new cheeky tribute to "tournament virgins" watching the men's team play a major competition for the first time in over 20 years.

A football stadium

IRN BRU has unveiled a cheeky advert to celebrate the Scottish men’s football team’s partcipation in the upcoming Euro 2020 tournament.

The social media of the famous Scottish drink estimates that 1.4 million Scots are “about to collectively experience their first time” referencing watching the men’s team play a major competition this summer. The drinks firm cheeky tribute is to ready “tournament virgins” for the special occasion.

Adrian Troy, MD at AG Barr, makers of IRU BRU, said: “We – along with the rest of the nation – could not be more excited to see Scotland back representing at the Euros this year and we’ve got a whole lot of surprise and delight moments planned to help the next generation lose their tournament virginity in fun, memorable ways.”

The advert centres on a teenage girl, cringing at her mum’s want of a “mother-daughter chat” in her bedroom about her ‘first time’. The girl’s cringe turns to shock when it is revealed her mum says she did it with her Aunt Helen in 1998. However, this cuts to show she is talking about going to the World Cup 98, which was the last time Scotland’s men’s team were in a major tournament.

A second advert, coming soon, will show a couple together on a couch. One of the men will talk about being more ‘experienced’, while his partner seems nervous for his ‘first time’… again it will be revealed they are getting ready to watch the Scotland game kick-off.

IRU BRU has also launched a full range of cans with iconic phrases, which Scots will hopefully be shouting on June 14. These phrases include ‘YA DANCER’, ‘GET IN’ and ‘BELTER’.

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