DMA highlights marketers’ struggle to measure campaign effectiveness

The report explored how current measurement metrics reflect campaign delivery performance in comparison to marketing effectiveness

The Data and Marketing Association (DMA) has published its Meaningful Marketing Measurement 2021 report – the first in a series of analyses into marketing effectiveness.

Research from the report revealed that 41% of current industry measurement metrics do not accurately reflect how effective marketing campaigns are.

Instead, it gives insight into campaign delivery performance, as opposed to how clients responded to the marketing.

Within campaign measurement, there is a lack of a common language used. This is one of the primary issues when to comes to measuring the impact of marketing campaigns as it obscures the true picture of effectiveness.

Tim Bond, director of Insights at the DMA, said: “This analysis of the Intelligent Marketing Databank specifically addresses some of our industry’s key measurement challenges, it will also inform future solutions to measurement best practice and guidance across the industry.”

One of the conclusions from the report stated that marketers should strive for campaign effectiveness measures to solely relate to response, brand or business impact.

In doing so, campaign delivery metrics can be evaluated on its own more accurately.

Jonathan Beeston, product marketing director, EMEA, Marketing Cloud at Salesforce, commented: “The ability to connect campaign activity to business effects that are meaningful to the board is what sets great marketing teams apart.

“It’s time for marketing leaders to step up and become data champions. Marketing leaders who set aside the time and resources to make this a priority will be strategically set up for future success.”

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