Bombay Saphire encourages gin lovers to ‘discover the possibilities within’

Brand campaign aims to awaken the creative potential within us as part of the brand’s longstanding commitment to nurturing creativity.

Bombay Saphire

Bombay Saphire has launched Discover The Possibilities Within, a fully-integrated global campaign that will be executed through-the-line this summer.

The brand has worked with pioneering creatives to produce a strikingly bold new look for Bombay Saphire that supports its overarching Stir Creativity platform – a call to arms for creative self-expression, inspired by the insight that we are all born creative, but all too often everyday life chips away at that instinct.

Real-life creatives

The new $20m (£16.3m) campaign has creativity at its heart, working with real-life creatives to not just feature in, but create the hero brand film, without an actor in sight. The new brand film and out-of-home visuals use cutting edge creative techniques which play with mirrors and apertures to elevate the campaign beyond anything the brand has produced previously.

Digital and static out-of-home (OOH) are live now with the 30” film rolling out into cinema and broadcaster video-on-demand on August 23, supported across digital and social with 15” and 6” cutdowns.

The brand film brings to life the manifesto behind Discover The Possibilities Within – the idea that there is creative potential in everyone, everything and every drop of Bombay Saphire. Directed by renowned creative collective ManvsMachine and shot in a maze of mirrors, the new manifesto film follows three individuals in a hyperreal representation of the creative process as they bring their masterpieces to life. Each of the artworks is created using the raw materials of the iconic Bombay Saphire bottle (glass, paper and light) to highlight the creative potential within every bottle.

The featured artists include intricate glass sculptor Amber Cowan, who uses specialist techniques such as flameworking, blowing and hot-sculpting to breathe life into recycled, up-cycled and second-life glass objects; paper artist Maud Vantours, who uses layering techniques to create colourful and kaleidoscopic compositions; and GMUNK, who creates multi-platform visuals in an enigmatic, atmospheric and metaphysical signature style. Each of these artists has a story of their own to tell around unlocking creative potential by transcending typical artforms and methods to create original artworks which are truly unique.

The new creative for the OOH was shot by Gustav Almestål, using mirrors, platforms and apertures to create visual depth. Highlighting the classic G&T and Negroni serves, the visual features a multitude of mirrors that offer up a new, creative perspective to emphasise the infinite possibilities that exist within every drop of Bombay Saphire thanks to its truly versatile liquid. For this reason, Bombay Saphire is known as a canvas for creativity among cocktail lovers and bartenders, with endless inspiration and flavour variety in every single bottle.

Furthermore, Bombay Saphire has commissioned a partnership between Global Street Art (GSA) and Hypebeast to produce and release four vibrant murals across London, Manchester, Brighton and Edinburgh throughout the summer and beyond. The street artists include Jo Hicks AKA Hixxy (London), qubek (Manchester), Aroe (Brighton) and matt.sloe (Edinburgh), who were briefed to create works that embody the ethos behind Discover The Possibilities Within and Stir Creativity. Each mural has the bottle at its centre, surrounded by designs that are inspired by Bombay Saphire but unique to the artists’ styles. The murals are intended to bring a splash of artistic colour to their respective urban cityscapes, inspiring creativity in the everyday lives of passers-by.

Victoria Morris, global VP, Bombay Sapphire: “Bombay Saphire is no stranger to creativity. For the new campaign, we’ve put creativity at its heart by partnering with real-life creators to tell their own stories of creative awakening in a visually striking film, there were no actors involved in its making.

“From day one, the brand has always done things differently, working with artists, architects and designers. But you don’t have to be an artist to be creative. That’s why we are on a mission to Stir Creativity. We want to inspire more people than ever to tap into their own creative spirit: it can be something as simple as adding your own touch to a gin and tonic or creating a bold new artwork – it’s up to you!”

Aiming to build collaborations and connections that inspire creativity, the campaign will also see experiential activations taking place in more than 20 locations globally, including Edinburgh, London, Paris,, Athens, Moscow, Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin, Milan and New York City..

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