X Japan’s Yoshiki becomes a Titan in new Asahi advert

The drummer and composer features in the advertisement, entitled 'Attack on Yoshiki'.

Yoshiki as a CGI Titan from anime Attack on Titan, drinking Asahi Wonda coffee

Japanese rockstar Yoshiki has starred as a Titan in the latest advert for Asahi’s Wonda Coffee, entitled ‘Attack on Yoshiki’.

Based on the globally successful anime, Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin), the 3D CGI model was modelled after the musician, songwriter and record producer, Yoshiki Hayashi. The drum track featured in the advert was also recorded by him.

Yoshiki is the co-founder and drummer of rock band X Japan, which has sold more than 50 million records. He also composed the theme song for the Attack on Titan anime series, Red Swan, which debuted at No. 1 on the iTunes Rock Charts in 14 countries.

The advert stands at 15 seconds long, and features the CGI Yoshiki holding a can of Wonda coffee, before he transforms into a Titan playing a giant drum kit. The advert ends with the transformed Yoshiki drinking a can of Wonda.

In the past, Yoshiki has collaborated with Beatles producer George Martin, Queen’s Roger Taylor, St. Vincent and Sarah Brightman. He also recently collaborated on the song #SING4LIFE with Bono, will.i.am and Jennifer Hudson.

As well as the Attack on Titan theme, the composer has also created theme music for other anime projects including ‘Double X’ and ‘Buddha: The Great Departure’. He is cited as the inspiration, and helped work on, the comic series ‘Blood Red Dragon’ by Stan Lee.

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