Carsnight helps in relaunch of Bristol’s longest serving fertility clinic

For its 10-year anniversary, fertility clinic BCRM wanted to raise its public profile. It brought Carsnight Communications on board to help make it happen.

The client:

We were asked to raise the profile of Bristol’s longest serving fertility clinic, the BCRM, in the Bristol area who were considering PR for the first time in their history. We brainstormed key milestones and, establishing that it was 10 years since they opened their clinic, we devised and helped plan a big 10-year celebration. We invited families from the last 10 years and their children and asked press to join the event, encouraging them to interview some of the guests with poignant stories. We also introduced brilliant videographers and photographers to capture the celebration for ongoing content. Our activity gained broadcast coverage across the BBC and over 25,000 coverage views on key media such as Bristol 24/7, The Bristol Post and The Gloucester Gazette and the BCRM were delighted, having a great base to build from.

The challenge:

Bristol’s longest serving fertility clinic, the BCRM, wanted to raise its public profile positively in the South West in an increasingly competitive market. This followed some negative press stemming from misunderstanding of the clinic’s transition from a public to a private fertility service.

During our first meeting we established it was 10 years since they moved into the building, which gave us an excellent reason to promote the BCRM. We decided to hold a 10-year celebration and invite patients and families past and present, which would be a great springboard for communication and press engagement.

The strategy:

We worked closely with their internal team to organise an event that would attract maximum media attention and communicate positive key messages.

· We helped design the overall party theme, logistics for the day and the invite list.

· We allowed the most important guests – the children – to take centre stage.

· We developed press materials and contacted high-impact local publications and TV channels whom we also invited to the day.

· BCRM asked past patients to share their memories and experiences if they wished to, and we then shared these ourselves across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn to amplify the message.

· We recommended a trusted videographer and photographer who provided great journalistic and press-ready images to provide to local press whose photographers couldn’t attend on the day.

The result:

The celebration was an overwhelming success – over 60 families attended, and we secured BBC Points West to film the event for the evening news. We achieved:

· Over 25,000 views of the coverage and a TV audience of 375,000 viewers.

· Coverage that was shared over 40 times.

· Families from the past 10 years sharing a range of memories on social media thus capturing a much wider audience with real life stories and testimonials.

Quote from client: “Carnsight quickly understood our challenges and opportunities, and came up with a brilliant event to celebrate our 10 year anniversary in style, and generate some great TV and newspaper coverage for us. They also introduced us to some valuable photography and videography partners. We enjoyed working with them and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

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