4 simple marketing mistakes that are setting your business back

Sarah Kauter, CEO of VerriBerri, shares her advice on the kind of marketing mistakes business owners are experiencing, and how to solve them.

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As we emerge from the aftermath of the pandemic, it’s more important than ever to be at the top of your game. In order to achieve this, businesses must continue to get themselves out there and keep pushing through marketing.

However, many businesses are making simple mistakes that are setting their efforts back.

For example, Google states that almost 70% of successful companies say that inbound SEO is their highest quality source of leads. However, for businesses overlooking the value of SEO in their strategies, they’re missing out on all of these potential opportunities.

The following are some of the biggest marketing mistakes business owners are making, and my tips on how to avoid them.

Failing to strategise

It’s often the case that as a business grows, owners are left with little time to dedicate towards the successful marketing of their company. The sheer amount of exposure needed to put a business on the map can be overwhelming, and with the day-to-day runnings of a company to think about, the marketing quickly takes a back seat. Before you know it, the growth of the business is hindered.

Having a marketing overview of some sort is what can help prevent this reoccurring situation. Break your plan down into sections and do your research. Defining a list of business goals can help you target your marketing strategy. It’s also worth taking a look at your competitors; their successes can give you an indication of what could work for you.

If marketing isn’t your line of expertise, then stick to what you know and find a reputable marketing agency that can help you. Their expertise will be an invaluable investment to your business. Book a few consultations so that you can find the perfect marketing match for your company and gain a better understanding of what your business could benefit from.

An uninviting website

A professional looking website can make a huge difference when it comes to utilising traffic, reducing bounce rates and ultimately, ROI. However, one of the easiest marketing mistakes to make is the belief that once the website is set up, the work is done. It’s often overlooked, but it must be nurtured consistently to stay up to date and improve its SEO value.

If your website doesn’t look inviting, and the content isn’t concise, potential customers will not stay on it for long. This will negatively impact your SEO. The goal is to be seen as the ‘go to’ expert in your field. If you want to be considered reputable, your content must be frequent, relevant to the common searches and easy to navigate. User friendly pages will encourage readers to engage with your site, people won’t stick around to read between the lines.

Appealing to the wrong audience

Sometimes companies are so focused on who they want their customers to be, that they aren’t acknowledging the customer base they actually have. It’s an extremely common mistake, and one that can easily deter good business.

Get to know your target demographic well and listen to current customer feedback; you can look at a wider audience further down the line. This easy and simple market research can ​really help you on the road to success. Yes, new customers are important, but repeat customers have fewer barriers to overcome before using your services, because they have trusted your business before. Keep in mind that a misread of audience could cost you uncounted amounts of revenue.

Lack of social media

In today’s digitally driven society, a social media presence is fundamental. If used correctly, it’s a steadfast way to push you to the forefront of a wider demographic and consequently, increase your revenue. One of the most frequent mistakes that set businesses back is the complete absence or a lacklustre presence on social media. This mostly comes down to lack of experience. Exactly like your website, if you want to make an impact, your social media must also be nurtured constantly.

To start with, consider the platforms most appropriate for your brand. For instance, with over a billion monthly users, Instagram is a great place to begin for many businesses. It goes without saying that content posted should be effective and appealing; any images you use reflect directly on your brand. If you want it to gain maximum exposure, contemplate posting at times when social traffic is high to increase the engagement you receive.

Social media is used to connect and converse. If people are talking about your brand, acknowledge it; engaging with current and potential consumers will only play to your advantage. Keep an eye on the upcoming and relevant hashtags to get your business noticed by the right people. Users can follow and engage with specific hashtags to stay updated on a current trend and maximising your visibility will enhance the success of your branding.

With each business so different, there isn’t one guaranteed formula that works for everyone.

Evaluate your marketing strategy to see where the gaps are. Knowing what needs improvement is the first step to helping you on your marketing journey.

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