Domino’s yodels to promote new app feature

The pizza company has introduced an app function which allows each member to add to a group order from wherever they are.

Pizza in pizza box

Domino’s has used the yodelling cry ‘DOMIN-OH-HOO-HOO’ to announce its new group-ordering app feature.

The multi-million pound campaign injects innovation to the well-rehearsed trope of friends gathering for a pizza, with yodelling as a rallying cry to reunite friendship groups over Domino’s.

The audio-first campaign is led by the hero film, which depicts a group of friends organising their pizza order through yodelling. While the friendship group coordinate their plans by yodelling across town, subtitles on screen translate their calls into a pizza order. This spot appears on TV, digital video and has cut downs on YouTube and Domino’s social media channels.

A radio advert also makes use of the unique audio ‘DOMIN-OH-HOO-HOO’. It features yodelling lessons for the public from the same German yodelling expert who coached the actors of the spot.

In addition, Domino’s has employed three OOH special builds across the UK. For example, two murals by local artists were commissioned to convey DOMIN-OH-HOO-HOO onto building walls in both Birmingham and Sheffield. A 48-sheet poster also creates the illusion of a house extension at Westminster Bridge, complete with a yodel coming out the window.

On social media, Domino’s aims to connect a community of attempting yodellers with the hashtag #DominOhHooHoo. The pizza company also created a Snapchat lens to encourage consumers to try yodelling themselves.

Sarah Barron, CMO at Domino’s, said: “As the nation recovers from the pandemic, we wanted to encourage families and friends to reconnect and enjoy a Domino’s together! What better way to get people’s attention than to yodel it from the rooftops (or your flat window).”

David Masterman, creative director at VCCP, said: “How to cut through in a world where everyone is talking about reunions? We yodel. Domino’s has always brought people together, but after the year we’ve all been through, it means so much more. At long last, it’s time to put out the call.”

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