Selligent helps the Minnesota Vikings boost fan engagement with targeted content

The Vikings want to leverage AI to extend fan access to highly-personalised content during an unprecedented off-season.

Minnesota Vikings v Greenbay Packers

NFL team Minnesota Vikings has chosen Selligent Marketing Cloud to deliver content-led experiences for its ever increasing fanbase.

Using Selligent, the Vikings will leverage data to uncover fan insights, create new ways to interact with players, and use relevant content to ensure memorable and purposeful touchpoints with the team.

In a time when professional sporting events have been suspended across multiple leagues, fans remain eager for updates regarding their favourite teams and players.

“We’ve seen time and time again how sporting activities can bring people together,” said Karthik Kripapuri, CEO at Selligent. “During this extraordinary time, many are looking to the sports world to spark hope and joy where it can.

“We’re thrilled that the Minnesota Vikings have chosen Selligent to shepherd them into a new era of digitally-powered fan relationships. We’re excited to be a part of their team, and enable them to make the most of their own fan insights to deliver the content that their loyal followers look forward to the most.”

Troy Smith, NA general manager, Selligent Marketing Cloud, said: “Primarily what we’re trying to do is bring all the data together under single profiles so you as a fan of the Vikings, we want to tie all that data together so that as Rich and Genette are using it, they know this data correlates to one person.”

“Unifying that data under that single profile so that you as a Vikings fan are getting the right content at the right time when the team is launching programs.”

With the power of data captured by Selligent’s platform, the Vikings will be able to deliver meaningful content that speaks to an individual’s most desired and relevant interests, and provide team-player-fan bonds that weren’t possible before.

Selligent is an intelligent omnichannel marketing and experience cloud platform that aims to help companies create meaningful engagements with connected consumers across all channels.

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