Peperami launches influencer-led Tik Tok campaign

The snack brand's #MeattheBeat campaign features three Tik Tok challenges, each led by a different UK influencer.

Peperami, Ashley Banjo

Peperami has launched its first ever Tik Tok campaign, in partnership with media, marketing and commerce company Jungle Creations.

The #MeattheBeat campaign launched three Tik Tok challenges across four UK influencer’s channels, featuring a commissioned re-recording of ‘Flava’ by LA Johnson that includes Peperami branding.

The first phase of the campaign was launched by Ashley Banjo, leader of dance group Diversity and former Britain’s Got Talent winner, who challenged fans to recreate his original dance.

“I wanted to get involved because I actually love Peperami,” said Banjo. “They are a super tasty snack but also, if you set me a challenge, I’m probably never going to shy away from it!”

The snack brand worked with Jungle Creations’ in-house creative agency, The Wild, on the campaign. Molly Tappin, head of branded creative at Jungle Creations, said that the first phase achieved more than 500,000 views within 24 hours, and this has since grown to more than 1.3 million views.

Phase two was led by freestyle football world champion Liv Cooke, who challenged the public to copy her football moves. Phase three involved Jacqueline Jossa, Eastenders actor and I’m a Celebrity winner, with a family-friendly challenge.

All three celebrities will attempt each other’s #MeattheBeat challenges, and dancer and Diversity member, Perri Kiely, will recreate all three.

Liv Cooke said: “Everyone knows I’m super competitive and love trying new things so a few challenges with some very talented people like Perri, Ashely and Jacqueline sounded fun.”

The campaign will be amplified through the influencers’ Instagram accounts and via VT, Jungle Creations’ news and entertainment brand, which will publish Facebook and Instagram stories featuring compilations of the challenges.

Head of marketing at Peperami, Pavan Chandra, said that, with the lockdown easing, Peperami decided it should “have some fun” with the campaign, and wanted the public to be at the heart of it.

Chandra said: “Peperami is a brand that likes to have fun and TikTok has proved itself to be the place to have that. This campaign will allow Peperami to play a role in people’s lives by offering them an exciting experience that will raise smiles.”

Catherine Handley, agency business director at Jungle Creations, said that, since launching its own media brands on Tik Tok last year, Jungle Creations recognised the opportunities the platform could offer. 

Tappin added: “Peperami’s audacious attitude, combined with the insight that their audience is passionate about music, made TikTok the perfect platform for activating this feel-good campaign.

“Getting the influencers on board was the easy part; they’re all massive Peperami fans! So our brief to them was fairly simple; do what you do best. We worked collaboratively with them to make the challenges fun and engaging, while ensuring their respective talents shined through.”

Jungle Creations was appointed by independent media agency the7stars. Partnerships lead at the agency, Taylor Bar, said: “With Peperami’s ambition to inject a bit of fun back into the nation in their next campaign, we knew we had to seek out a partner who could help us achieve this. Known for creating viral, vibrant social first content, Jungle is the perfect partner.”

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