The Body Shop launches Love Island ‘intervention’ advert campaign

The Body Shop Self Love TV advert.

The Body Shop UK is going live with a new ATL campaign, including three creative 30’ spots running in and around ITV’s latest Love Island series.

The campaign is an extension to The Body Shop’s global Self Love campaign, which has been running since March of 2021, promoting the need for people to focus on developing a positive relationship with themselves, working with Jameela Jamil as the lead ambassador.

Global research conducted by The Body Shop and Ipsos Mori identified a self-love crisis, with one in two people saying that they feel more self-doubt than self-love.

Social pressures

The Self Love Uprising has focused particularly on giving women and people in the LGBTQ+ community the support and tools to help them achieve self-acceptance and self-love in the face of increasing pressure from all on and offline media platforms alongside social pressures.

Despite being a form of entertainment and joy for many, The Body Shop is aware that reality shows can fuel self-doubt with unrealistic representations of beauty, love and lifestyle. Therefore, it hopes to inject some self-love into the hottest reality show of the summer, Love Island – and remind viewers to love themselves.

This new ‘ad intervention’ campaign called ‘Self Love Street, which is being broadcast during Love Island on ITV2, depicts three house mates using alternative ways to love themselves by focusing on three key issues: rejection in love, the need for external validation and body image. Fran, Olivia and Leila all struggle with these challenges.

But, in a moment of defiance, each choose to act against self-doubt, and we see them transition to powerful expressions of self-love. One takes to painting a self-portrait to achieve her ultimate authentic selfie; one picks up her guitar to play to herself rather than others; and one lights a candle as we see her begin to indulge in a physical act of self-love (masturbation).

The TVC will be linear and BVOD on ITV, with a teaser trailer launching the campaign on digital and social. Fran’s, Leila’s and Olivia’s individual stories will all be told in greater depth on digital and social. These other pieces of creative will be flooding the digital conversation around Love Island whilst the TVC is being aired, so a galvanising message of self-love and self-care will stand bravely alongside content that offers unrealistic representations of beauty, love and lifestyle. ​

The campaign is the combined work of Craft Media and WaxOn as lead creative, with Good Stuff for media buying. PR support has been briefed into The Body Shop’s global agency, The Fourth Angel.

Rhiannon Scarlett, UK marketing director of The Body Shop, said: “Our Self Love Uprising has been working hard to help people find an authentic relationship with themselves and understanding that this is their strength and a superpower. Unrealistic and unhealthy aspirations which take you out of your true self can be detrimental to your wellbeing and self-esteem.

“Reality TV shows and social media can trigger destructive and negative feelings affecting our mood, wellbeing, and our self-esteem at a time when we need healthy boundaries more than ever. So, this summer, we’re encouraging viewers to rise up with self-love and to step into our Self Love Street.”

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