Screen Moguls launches GO.CINEMA to support independent cinemas reopening

Digital marketing company Screen Moguls' new service aims to help independent cinemas run digital marketing campaigns using social media platforms.

Independent cinemas reopening

Screen Moguls has launched GO.CINEMA, making it easy for independent cinema circuits to reach a targeted local audience.

The new service aims to simplify social media marketing for independent cinemas around the UK and Ireland.

Following government advice that cinemas could reopen in July, independent cinemas are under significant economic pressure, implementing measures to mitigate the risk of spreading Covid-19. It is hoped that the service could tae the stress out of social with free ad credits for pre-registered operators.

Jessica Carlin, chief commercial officer at Screen Moguls, said: “Independent cinemas are facing an exceptionally difficult time, and many of these valued local businesses didn’t have extensive marketing support in place ahead of lockdown.”

Independent cinemas will now be able to choose their campaign and budget, as well as being offered a free social promotion. The pre-registration was launched on August 28, making it easier for cinemas to trigger targeted and localised online promotions for film campaigns.

Snapchat is also supporting GO.CINEMA and cinema operators in the UK. It has been providing ad credits, which will help independent cinemas to reach wider demographics as well as reengage local audiences with new releases.

The new service allows cinemas to create and run social campaigns for their local audiences in under five minutes across different social media platforms. This means that anyone can run a campaign without having a marketing experience, and on any size budget.

The service aims to help theatres rapidly recover from lockdown and encourage local audiences back into theatres. Connecting with cinemagoers through various social media will allow theatres to expand their customer base.

GO.CINEMA is said to make it simple to tailor creative content for specific audiences and can be set up with pre-loaded assets for films. Moreover, users will have access to analytics reports containing the effectiveness of social promotions per cinema and per film.

Screen Moguls helps cinemas with their marketing performance, running the campaign and providing access to effective movie content for local demand.

Jessica Carlin, chief commercial officer at Screen Moguls, also added: “GO.CINEMA is intended to take all of the hassle and complexity out of localised social promotions and help exhibitors to quickly reconnect with their local audiences.

Given the BFI’s Fan Film Exhibition Fund’s focus on support for cinemas who encourage people back to the big screen experience, GO.CINEMA’s mix of simple social campaigns, alongside free ad credits, should provide welcome assistance for operators around the country.”

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