Controversial Irn-Bru advert tells viewers not to “be a can’t”

Irn-Bru's latest risqué slogan garners mixed reaction from fans.

AG Barr’s latest Irn-Bru advert made its debut on STV this week with a cheeky slogan telling fans: “Don’t be a can’t.”

The advert depicts an awkward ‘meet the parents’ scene, where the woman’s boyfriend, Dave, decides he wants to leave.

After explaining that he’s not a fan of his girlfriend’s dad, who asks him “when are you going to marry my daughter?”, Dave asks his girlfriend if they can go somewhere else, to which she responds “we can’t right now!”

Dave then tells her: “Don’t be a can’t, you need a can,” before handing her a can of Irn-Bru.

After she takes a sip, it’s not long before the pair are enjoying a night out at a foam party along with the girlfriend’s mum and dog, and dozens of other party-goers.

Fans took to Twitter to voice their reactions, with many still struggling to forgive AG Barr for a recent recipe change, which was due to the UK’s new sugar tax.

One user said: “Is this in response to shops telling you they CAN’T shift the new stuff? Or because people keep saying they CAN’T get rid of the aftertaste from the new stuff?”

Sharing the sentiment, another said: “Remember Irn-Bru adverts used to be pretty funny. This ones as bad as the new taste.”

Others, however, were far more complementary, with one fan saying: “Best ad I’ve seen in a long time! I’ll try not to be a can’t.”

User @rwbdavies added: “What a truly brilliant advert. Thank God Irn-Bru is still brave funny and can.”

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