Amazon named world’s most valuable brand

Amazon takes the top position in the BrandZ ranking of the 100 most valuable global brands for second year in a row .

The value of Amazon has increased by 32% to $416bn since April 2019, futher establishing it as the most valuable brand in the world.

The details were revealed in a study by media group Kantar’s, which declared Apple and Microsoft the second and third most valuable brands respectively.

For the first time, Kantar’s BrandZ ranking includes more than 10 companies exceeding $100bn each.

From the 12 months from April 7, 2019, Apple experienced a 14% increase in value to $352bn, keeping it just behind Amazon for a second year in a row. With a value of $324bn, Google has dropped to fourth, making way for Microsoft, which has shown a 30% increase and thus reached a value of $327bn.

Visa, valued at $187bn, takes the fifth place, followed by Alibaba ($153bn) at six, Tencent ($151bn) at seven, Facebook ($147bn) at eight and McDonald’s ($129bn) in ninth spot. Mastercard ($108bn) appears on the BrandZ’s top 10 ranking for the first time ever, pushing AT&T down to 11th place with a $106bn value.

There was a 5.9% increase and $277bn value growth of the top 100 in the last year. The top 100 brands have almost reached $5trn overall value, exceeding the gross domestic product of the third largest economy in the world – Japan.

Graham Staplehurst, BrandZ global strategy director, said: “We do believe that in aggregate the world’s top brands are still growing and that’s because the top 100 brands have this extremely strong brand equity.

“We saw during the last recession that strong brands recover about five times faster than average.”

Retail and technology brands secure their positions on the global market, which is highlighted in the top 10 list of fastest risers in 2019. The Chinese spirits brand, Moutai, (18th in the rankings) achieved a 58% increase in value, followed by Instagram (29th) with a 47% boost. Although Lululemon was up by 40%, taking the third position in BrandZ’s fastest risers, the firm did not make it into the top 100. Next in the list was Costco (47th) with a 35% rise and Netflix (26th) with 34%.

LinkedIn was 43rd in the top riser list with a 31% increase, Microsoft (3) with 30%, Adobe (35) with 29% and Chinese food delivery service, Meituan, (54) with 27%.

The BrandZ top 100 ranking displays brands that prove their resilience regardless of the unstable current situation, Staplehurst explained.

He added: “It’s a huge validation of brand-building investment. People are uncertain and are looking for reassurance. Trusted brands will give people that reassurance.”

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  1. Thanks for the update, Maria. It is quite evident that there is a significant demand for retail and technology brands. Substantial brand equity is the main reason for the better performance of top global brands. My husband works for a famous brand, and his company invested in brand building to sustain in the market.

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