Ginsters seeks Cornish surfers and farmers to feature in its latest advert

Applicants, who will be paid up £8,000 per day, must be Cornish and "interesting looking". 

Pasty giant Ginsters is looking for Cornish surfers and farmers to star in its upcoming TV advert. 

To mark its 50th anniversary, the company will produce a high-budget commercial set in Cornwall, paying tribute to the company’s Cornish heritage. In fact, the first Ginsters factory was funded by farmer Geoffery Ginster in the Cornish town of Callington. 

In collaboration with Sasha Robertson, who is managing the casting, the company is looking for specific characters to star in the advert, some of whom will be paid thousands of pounds.

The main character is defined as ‘Hero Farmer’. It must be a male, aged between 28 and 45, who is an authentic local farmer, friendly and charismatic, and who is also able to surf. He will be paid £8,000 per day. 

The other characters are a beef farmer, male or female, aged between 50 and 65, “interesting looking”; a female Ginsters employee in her 30s; four young surfers; and a male or female with an “interesting face”, aged 18 to 25, to play the Hero Farmer’s niece or nephew.

Ginsters specified that, although they are looking for authentic, local farmers and surfers, people of all races and ethnicities will be taken into consideration and there will be no discrimination. 

Applicants are asked to send a self-made video in which they introduce themselves, including their name, age, occupation and town of origin. They must also talk about their families and their experience as farmers, surfers or both. 

The requests have received criticism from readers of Cornwall Live, with some claiming Ginsters is exploiting the Cornish heritage to make profit. Others expressed concern that the advert could reinforce the Cornish farmers’ stereotype and will ridicule Cornish people as a whole.  

One reader commented: “Apply here for your stereotype to be publicly ridiculed.”

It is still unclear what the plot of the advert will be, though, and exactly how the surfers and the farmers will feature.

Filming for the advert will take place on July 15 and 16, 2020, in North Cornwall. For more information or to apply, contact:

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