Caorunn illustrates its Gin Genius in its first TV advert

The animated advert aims to illustrate gin producer Caorunn's ingenuity, elevating it above the rest.

Caorunn Gin's first tv advert. Caorunn Gin's first tv ad 'Gin Genius'

Scottish gin producer Caorunn has enlisted the creativity of The Leith Agency for its first ever TV ad.

The 30-second animated piece celebrates the reputation they have fostered since their conception in 2009.

Throughout the advert, Caorunn acknowledges the buzzwords of ingenuity, inspired and genius that it has built its branding upon.

Caorunn’s brand manager, Gillian Gibson, said: “Ingenuity is our secret ingredient. It was always clear to us that we had the story of our genuinely unique processes to act as the foundation for our brand offering and share with our customers. Ingenuity is our thread through the entire brand story; it drives everything we do on all levels and differentiates us in a competitive space. And so, ‘Gin Genius’ was born.”

The advert, created by The Leith Agency, was centered on Caorunn’s slogan of ‘Gin Genius’. Commissioned illustrations from Scottish artist Chelsea Frew were then brought to life by video production studio Tanami. Launched on July 1, the animation guides the viewer to Balmenach Distillery where the craft gin brand houses their reengineered 1920s copper berry chamber. The audience is then whisked away from the distillery and into the surrounding Speyside region of the Scottish Highlands. Here grows the five local botanicals that Caorunn use in their gin as shown in the advert.

Recognising a recent boom in the gin market where gin makers claim uniqueness and something special in their products, the advert seeks to elevate Caorunn’s brand status and provide a beacon of ingenuity for gin lovers to gravitate towards. As such, Caorunn believes the advert will solidify its position in the market.

Lynne Buckley, Caorunn marketing manager, said: “The TV advert is testament to us really understanding what our customers want to know from us. They learn how we fuse centuries old traditions together with innovative taste profiles and ingredients for an extraordinary gin that they will want to share.”

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