Brewdog Unveils Hard Seltzer Brand, ‘Clean & Press’

Scottish craft beer brewery, BrewDog, release new hard seltzer after growing success in the US.

Clean & Press

Scottish craft beer brewery, Brewdog, has launched its own hard seltzer brand, ‘Clean & Press’.

Recognising the immense success of hard seltzers in the US, Brewdog has put its own twist on the popular beverage that “doesn’t rely on cheap, low quality alcohol”.

Infused with its own-brand Lonewolf vodka, ‘Rouge Wave’, ‘Clean & Press’ is produced in four different flavours: Slammed White Peach and Mango, Crushed Black Cherry, Pulped Blood Orange and Pomegranate, and Pressed Pineapple and Coconut.

Scottish sparkling water

Opposed to seltzers in the US, ‘Clean & Press’ is not fermented, but instead uses Scottish sparkling water spiked with high quality single malt vodka and natural fruit flavours.

Originally not due to launch until late 2020, the release of the product was brought forward due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. A scuppered planned launch of its new brand in bars has resulted in the reliance of online sales and orders on Brewdog’s new delivery service, ‘hop-drop’.

Projects such as ‘Clean & Press’ with an original 12- to 18-month blueprint have been fast-tracked to help the business survive and protect company jobs. This is a move that has encouraged the description, “a collaborative co-creation forged in the fire of adversity”.

Hard seltzer has already taken the US by storm, with financial serices firm UBS stating in 2019 that the industry was worth $550m (£451m), with potential to grow to $2.5bn (£2.05bn) by 2021. With cans of the drink coming in at only 100 calories or less, hard seltzer has proved to be a much healthier alternative to beer and is swiftly catching up as one of the world’s favourite alcoholic beverages.

Brewdog has advertised ‘Clean & Press’ to be “Zero Carbs. Zero Sugar and only 90 calories a can”, something that could seal its fate as the UK’s top seltzer provider as the numbers of young people choosing to avoid alcohol are growing. According to NHS studies, “increased awareness of the health risks of alcohol” is a main contributor to growing rates of 16- to 24-year-olds lessoning alcohol intake, with many favouring healthier options and choosing seltzer over beer.

One of the main producers of hard seltzer, White Claw, possesses 50% of the market share. With rumours of the already popular seltzer brand coming to the UK, head distiller at Brewdog Distilling Co., Steven Kersley, told The Drinks Business that he is not worried.

Citing the strength of the Brewdog brand in the UK, Kersley said: “White Claw doesn’t have a great deal of equity in the UK, but Brewdog does.

“For us, we have a delicious liquid and it really speaks for itself. White Claw may have taken the US by storm, and we’re not looking to the US right now, but if and when they come to the UK they’ll find some worthy competition.”

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