Kooomo places MotoGP in pole position with 100% increase in sales

Digital commerce solutions specialist Kooomo transforms the MotoGP™ Store, improving the customer experience.

The client:

For those who are not familiar with the motor racing industry, the MotoGP Championship is the pinnacle and arguably the most challenging of worldwide motorbike championship racing.

MotoGP’s story began in 1949 and to this day continues to gain fans all around the world. The MotoGP has a 19-round season, in which racers from 16 countries and four continents take part. Racers participate in three categories, including Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP World Championships.

MotoGP set up its own online shop in 2009 and in March 2019, its website was migrated to the Kooomo platform in just seven weeks by sister company, Zerogrey.

The official MotoGP Store is where customers can purchase all their favourite MotoGP products, receiving them directly to their home.

The challenge:

The MotoGP website is present in 80 countries. The challenge lies in the eCommerce store and the globalisation of languages and currencies in all regions. The MotoGP store required a global platform that understood the complexities of internationalisation and everything that comes with it such as payment methods, languages, couriers & currencies to name a few.

The solution:

As an all-encompassing, powerful, affordable and agile digital commerce platform, with relevant experience in the retail sector, Kooomo was able to deliver on the MotoGP vision of providing the ultimate user experience.

Pau Serracanta, Managing Director of Dorna Sports S.L, explained: “We chose to partner with ZeroGrey and Kooomo given their clear expertise. Their platform allows the MotoGP store to function on a global scale, trade internationally, and drive sales – while also easing the complexities of languages and currencies. Their 1 Click partner integration system has successfully brought together every piece of the eCommerce puzzle for us.”

The result:

In the early months of 2020, the MotoGP store saw a 100% increase in sales. These impressive results can be attributed to a number of improvements such as loading speed, SEO optimisation, improved interface, and incredible mobile responsiveness.

In 2020, website speed is essential in eCommerce for retaining users – and the faster your website is, the less likely users are to abandon browsing. The MotoGP website’s loading speed is now 2.6 seconds.

SEO optimisation has ensured an increase of 30% in organic traffic. A migration of around 17,000 URLs all completed in the seven-week migration window and a fantastic result in terms of increased organic traffic for the MotoGP store.

User experience is a huge factor in reaching eCommerce success. The easier the checkout process is, the more traffic and sales an eCommerce site will get. The MotoGP store has three-step purchasing on-page, facilitating users to buy their favourite products in record time.

Every brand has its own success story to tell. In order to grow, a brand needs to always reinvent itself, so that it can attract new customers. Behind sales numbers, it is always the brand story that encourages customer loyalty.

In the case of the MotoGP, it is the eCommerce innovation that was generated by artificial intelligence, personalised offers, A/B testing, market automation and user-cluster optimisation that made this project such a success.

The most important aspect of the MotoGP eCommerce story is the omnichannel strategy. Kooomo worked with the brand to create an omnichannel project for the MotoGP circuits, where there is a specific design for 32” televisions in the VIP Village of Jerez de la Frontera.

Through the integration with Amazon Pay and a video to the mobile transmission system utilising QR codes, the order is completed instantly and privately.

Ciaran Bollard, CEO of Kooomo, said: “We’re delighted to have worked with such a prestigious brand to deliver great results. For powerful brands with a powerful platform, we can foresee growth and longevity that cannot be shaken. As a brand with a lot of history behind it, the MotoGP™ will always find an innovative eCommerce success story to tell.”

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