Sir Tom Moore to star in John Lewis Christmas ad

War veteran Sir Tom Moore has received a knighthood and been promoted to Colonel for his fundraising efforts.

Sir Tom Moore

British war veteran Sir Tom Moore, who recently made headlines for his NHS fundraising efforts, is rumoured to be featuring in John Lewis’ 2020 Christmas advert.

The John Lewis Christmas advert is a staple in the run up to the festivities as the department store regularly pulls on the heart strings of the nation with its poignant adverts.

A source told The Sun that 100-year-old Sir Tom will play an integral role in this year’s advert after his fundraising efforts raised almost £33 million.

The source said: “Tom’s fundraising touched the nation and going forward he will remain a figurehead of what was going on during the pandemic.

“For many, Tom became totally unifying and those working on the campaign for John Lewis’ next advert want to join in that celebration.

“The coming together of the nation during this unprecedented crisis is one of the themes being explored and, of course, Tom is at the heart of that.

“After tapping into the public’s psyche it seems Tom is very much going to be man of the moment for a long time to come.”

Sir Tom rose to fame at the start of April this year with his fundraiser for NHS Charities Together in which he pledged to walk 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday on April 30.

Just days into the fundraiser he smashed his £1,000 target and the donations kept flying in, eventually reaching a total of £33m.

On May 25, Buckingham Palace announced that the war veteran would receive a knighthood for his efforts. In a series of tweets, Sir Tom expressed his gratitude.

He said: “I am absolutely overwhelmed. Never for one moment could I have imagined I would be awarded with such a great honour. I’d like to thank Her Majesty The Queen, The Prime Minister and the Great British Public.”

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, he quoted Gerry and the Peacemakers song, You’ll never walk alone, saying: “After the storm there will be a golden sky. You’ve got to look forward to the fact things will improve, as they always do.

“And we will have a lovely golden sky and we’ll hear the larks singing again beautifully. That is truly what we must believe.”

Tom’s fundraiser has now closed, but you can continue donating to NHS Charities Together here.

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