Pinterest launches mandatory code of conduct for creators

Pinterest aims to provide a safer environment for its 459 million users with the introduction of a Creator Code.

Image sharing and social media service, Pinterest, has launched the Pinterest Creator Code aimed at increasing positivity on its platform.

By introducing more moderation tools, Pinterest aims to create a safer environment for its 459 million users. Creators will be asked to review their content and accept the new guidelines before posting. Each pin, story pin and any content will also be reviewed by staff to ensure negativity on the site is non-existent.

Unveiling the Creator Code, Evan Sharpe, co-founder, and chief design officer at Pinterest, said Pinterest users feel “that it has become the last positive corner of the internet”.

He added that he wanted to help Pinterest creators “better understand what we have learned over the years from our users – about how to speak with the positive, inclusive and inspiring voice that will enable them to grow and build a successful presence on Pinterest”.

To launch the Creator Code, Pinterest hosted a virtual event with input from popular Pinterest creators, such as singer-songwriter Onyi Moss, model Jomely Breton and cookery school owner Alison Cayne. The event finished with Aya Kanai, Pinterest’s head of content and creator partnerships interviewing Jonathan Van Ness, star of reality TV show Queer Eye.

Kanai opened the fireside chat by commenting that “the most positive places online do not happen by accident. They happen because of pro-active policy decisions endorsed by leadership, embraced by users and championed by our cultures’ most influential voices”.

During the interview, Van Ness shared his experiences with the realities of social media and discussed the importance of guidelines like the creator code.

He said: “There are so many things that we encounter on social media platforms that are not life affirming, and really dehumanising. That is one thing with the Creators Code I love – it really focuses on positivity and inclusion.”

Van Ness later announced the Creator Code via his Instagram account, @JVN.

In a Global report produced by Pinterest, 60% of adults surveyed agreed that parts of the internet feel dark, and are scared that arguments are going to escalate. It was also revealed that eight out of 10 people who used Pinterest say the platform makes them feel positive.

The new code will be officially rolled-out in the next few weeks for creators to sign.

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