The Wild launches UN’s COVID-19 social campaign, ‘Experts vs The Internet’

UN's Verified seeks to tackle coronavirus misinformation through a social campaign.

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United Nation’s (UN) initiative Verified has partnered with Jungle Creations‘ creative agency, The Wild, to launch a social campaign entitled ‘Experts vs The Internet’.

The campaign will see the creation of engaging video content with experts discussing topics surrounding COVID-19 that are prone to misinformation.

Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications at the UN, Melissa Fleming, said: “Verified’s mission is to spread reliable information about Covid-19 that counters harmful misinformation”. Verified hopes that their campaign will cut through the noise and deliver vital life-saving information and fact-based advice.

As Tom McGirr, head of strategy at The Wild, said, the agency’s goal was to keep audiences “informed with substantiated information and expert perspectives in a fun and easily-digestible format”. 

McGirr added: “Social has been the global community’s primary source of news and information throughout the pandemic, and as a result, the negative impact of misinformation circulating online has been amplified.”

The UN hopes that the series will shift the audience’s behaviours and encourage people to seek reputable sources. As well as being cautious of spreading misinformation, which could have significant negative impacts, it hopes people will start sharing reliable information, such as the Verified videos, that counter misinformation.

The Experts vs The Internet campaign will contain three episodes produced by The Wild. The first episode is focused on ‘transmission’ and addresses questions such as: where did coronavirus originate from?, how does the virus spread?, and ‘What is the effect of wearing masks?’. Episode two will be focused on ‘treatment and symptoms’ and episode three on ‘vaccines’.

The experts include several general practitioners, a doctor of occupational medicine & toxicology, a professor and a doctor of immunology, a doctor of emergency medicine and a doctor of obstetrics & gynaecology.

All the episodes will be available on Jungle Creations’ entertainment and news brand VT. The episodes will be viewable on VT’s social media channels, with a combined follower count of over 39 million, including Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.

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