Channel 4 signs programmatic ad deal with The Trade Desk

Channel 4 has signed a partnership with adtech company The Trade Desk, which enables advertisers to target audiences across live and on-demand services.

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Tech firm The Trade Desk has partnered with Channel 4, offering advertisers the ability to target the TV channel’s viewers across its live and on-demand services.

Watching live broadcasts in the UK has increased by 17% since the coronavirus lockdown, halting years of decline. TV consumption has never been higher, with consumers spending much longer in front of TV sets. With TV advertising still one of the most effective ways to create awareness about a product or brand, advertisers have been implementing initiatives to keep their audiences entertained.

The Trade Desk offers a software platform used by digital ad buyers to purchase data-driven digital advertising campaigns across various ad formats and devices. It has been working with Channel 4 to improve the way 23 million viewers experience TV adverts. The aim of the collaboration is to enable advertisers to buy ads programmatically.

The partnership will allow consumers to see more relevant ads and enable advertisers to accurately measure consumer reaction, which has not been possible before with traditional, linear TV. This means that customers will be served more relevant and timely ads, without compromising privacy.

The partnership has been made possible by the implementation of key regulatory rules, as The Trade Desk will transfer a Clearcast clock number through to bidstream, making the origins of each ad clearly identifiable. The aim is to provide transparency on the provenance of every ad, to meet product and age-specific advertising rules.

Alessio Martini, Procter & Gamble’s associate brand and media director for Northern Europe, said: “We’re very excited to partner with The Trade Desk and Channel 4 on a fully transparent and privacy conscious programmatic model for Channel 4 video on demand.

“We’re delighted to be the first advertiser to benefit from this new integration and we look forward to other TV partners joining Channel 4 on this journey very soon.”

The Trade Desk was said to be one of several demand-side platforms to offer access to Channel 4’s inventory programmatically, with brands being able to access highly engaged audiences across Connected TV. Channel 4 will be able to continue improving its access to brands and agencies across the open web.

The partnership between The Trade Desk and Channel 4 is said to improve value for the advertiser, by providing more precision and relevance in digital advertising.

Patrick Morrell, director of partnerships EMEA at The Trade Desk, said: “As advertisers recognise the data-driven potential of CTV advertising to maximise ad relevance and improve the viewer experience, this partnership with Channel 4 represents a further boost in their ability to execute.”

Morrell added that the partnership will mean better targeting for brands and greater revenue for broadcasters. As more consumers watch TV content through connected devices, advertisers will be able to maximise ad relevance and improve the viewer experience.

Channel 4’s All4 On Demand service runs on 20 platforms, with an ad completion rate of 96% and 100% of the audience logged in.

David Amodio, deputy head of digital and innovation at Channel 4, said: “We’re delighted to be integrated with The Trade Desk. The partnership enables our advertisers an important choice when buying brand safe broadcaster video programmatically across multiple platforms.”

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