Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp signs with German brewing company

The victorious Liverpool manager can celebrate with an ice cold Erdinger following the new deal.


After leading his team to victory in the English Premier League in June, Liverpool FC manager Jürgen Klopp is set to head Erdinger Weissbrau’s new advertising campaign.

Boasting the largest wheat beer brewery in the world, the German company, which signed Klopp as UK brand ambassador in February 2020, revealed that he will star in its latest TV advert throughout July.

The partnership between Klopp and Erdinger was announced at the 80th Birthday party of Werner Brombach, the company’s owner. Klopp joined the celebrations with a video message from his home in Merseyside for the beer tycoon.

The advert was filmed in the Dovedale Towers on Penny Lane, a well-known Liverpool pub. It is used to hosting famous faces and counts John Lennon and Paul McCartney as past customers. In recent years it has provided the backdrop for numerous other adverts.

Mike Girling, managing director of Old Rope Works, which runs Dovedale Towers, said: “It’s such an iconic and interesting pub and truly representative of a classic Scouse local.”

The advert shows football fans on the edge of their seats as Liverpool FC is about to score. Excitement builds around the pub as the barman pulls Klopp a pint. As the barman prepares to skim the top of the beer, Klopp yells “STOP!” and the whole pub turn to look at him. He utters the catchphrase of the campaign, “Never skim an Erdinger”, to a silenced pub, before accepting the beer and taking a sip.

The beer industry is not new to Klopp, who previously acted as ambassador for rival German brewing company, Warsteiner. Erdinger’s export director, Marcus Korte, said he was delighted by Klopp’s transfer, describing him as an “outstanding brand ambassador”. He added that he hoped Klopp’s involvement in the campaign will help strengthen the position of wheat beer in the UK market.

Meanwhile, Klopp cites his shared outlook with brewery owner, Brombach, as a principal reason for making the move to Erdinger.

In reference to the partnership, Klopp said: “We had an instant understanding and shared many of the same views on respecting and motivating those around us. We have a passion for quality and hard work, encouraging talent and single-mindedly pursuing our objectives whilst recognising the importance of a balanced lifestyle and enjoyment of our surroundings.”

The ad will feature on all the major broadcasting networks in the North East of England, including Liverpool itself, from July.

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