‘Famous at Fridays’ – TGI Fridays to launch a post-lockdown rebrand

TGI Fridays prepares to unveil its updated UK branding in a partial reopening of its diners.

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As restaurants and bars reopen, TGI Fridays will reopen as ‘Famous at Fridays’ – ‘Fridays’ for short.

As part of its post-lockdown partial reopening this week, the American diner will sport a new name and brand identity. The new ‘Famous at Fridays’ brand is set to initially be rolled out at six specific locations spread out across the country.

Fridays has chosen Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester, Glasgow and the chain’s two popular London locations, Leicester Square and Covent Garden, as the initial flagbearers of the new brand.

As part of its new look, Fridays is planning to simplify its menu, taking the chain “back to what we are famous for”, as explained by CEO Robert Cook.

This simplification has involved the reintroduction of classic American dishes such as cobb salad, potstickers and loaded potato skins. In terms of main courses, Fridays have focused upon the staples of their menu such as burgers, ribs and steak.

In addition to an updated menu and branding, CEO Robert Cook has promised “re-energised bars full of energy and theatre”. As part of its rebranding, Fridays has expanded its focus on alcoholic beverages. The diner has streamlined its cocktail menu and promised a high-quality bar experience with expert bartenders and chic glassware, garnish and presentation. By re-energising its bars, Fridays will be hoping to stand strong as a premium cocktail bar in its own right, independent of its food-based offerings.

With its new ‘Famous at Fridays’ branding, a simplified, classic American menu and a renewed focus on its bar and drinks selection, Fridays has celebrated its history and heritage. This new branding will eventually be rolled out across all of its UK branches.

In preparation for the initial reopening, Cook reinforced this focus upon heritage, explaining: “We’ve invested in the return of classic dishes to give guests that memorable Fridays experience.”

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