Pegasystems and Idio partner to enhance customer journeys with AI

Unified customer engagement and content intelligence could help close more deals with more relevant content.

Customer engagement software, Pegasystems, and Idio, a demand orchestration platform for B2B marketing, have teamed up to enable B2B organisations to present the most relevant content that accelerates customer buying journeys.

By combining the power of Pega’s AI-driven real-time customer decisioning platform and Idio’s content intelligence engine, businesses can quickly close more B2B deals by serving up the right contextual content in the moment, on any channel.

Missed opportunities

B2B organisations driving account-based marketing (ABM) strategies struggle to provide the personalisation that business-to-consumer (B2C) buyers now expect. These more complex sales cycles require high-touch nurturing over longer periods of time across a matrix of decision makers. But hindered with marketing, sales, and service silos, most organisations can’t adapt fast enough to meet each stakeholder’s changing needs. This causes missed opportunities to serve timely content that could accelerate account engagement and progress a deal.

Together, Pega and Idio aim to optimise B2B engagements in real time to provide customers with the next-best content. With centralised AI at the heart of every decision, businesses will be able to analyse all past customer interactions to identify and deliver the most valuable and timely materials – including product specification, case studies, or prospectuses. This collaboration will ensure better B2B customer experiences that intelligently move each account and individual to the next stage in their journey, rather than force offers and discounts better suited for B2C strategies.

Available in June, Pegasystems said the new offering will provide organisations the ability to:

Improve Marketing Journeys – Marketers can intelligently move prospects closer to purchase by using the solution to surface and deliver the most relevant content designed to progress road-blocked buyers in real time.

Optimise Sales Interactions – Salespeople can spend their time more effectively and efficiently by leveraging AI-powered recommendations to share the most relevant content with high-value accounts most likely to convert.

Centralise B2B Customer Intelligence – Organisations can engage with B2B companies on a holistic level by leveraging a single decisioning process across channels and business functions with consolidated individual-level and account interaction data.

Pega provides a unified suite of customer engagement applications for marketing, sales, and customer service powered by Pega Customer Decision Hub, its real-time AI engine. Built on Pega Platform, Pega’s applications enable clients to constantly anticipate customers’ changing needs and provide personalised AI-driven next-best-action recommendations throughout the customer journey. By engaging customers one-to-one on any channel, Pega clients increase customer satisfaction while enhancing customer lifetime value.

Idio’s AI takes advantage of the exploding goldmine of ‘dark data’ – unstructured and underutilised digital interaction data – to provide highly predictive customer intelligence that increases target account engagement. Trained using billions of customer interactions across multiple markets and languages, Idio leverages advanced machine learning and natural language processing to predict every prospect’s intent and provide next-best content recommendations.

Rob Walker, VP, decision management, Pegasystems, said: “This partnership allows us to further optimise highly complex B2B engagements where most other marketing and sales solutions typically fall short.

“Idio’s unique predictive content intelligence engine complements our proven customer engagement solutions to better help B2B organisations keep pace with their customers’ needs with the right content at the right moment.”

Idio CEO Edward Barrow, said: “Our approaches to predictive decisioning are very similar, and we look forward to bringing our experience of automating and personalising complex B2B decision cycles to Pega’s global 3,000 customers.”

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