‘Just ask an Aussie’ – Cadbury celebrates UK launch of iconic Caramilk bar

A Caramilk bar.

Cadbury chocolate bar Caramilk has launched in the UK and Ireland after becoming a smash hit in Australia.

To promote the launch, a ‘Just ask an Aussie’ campaign kicked off on August 20. Owner of Cadbury, Mondelez, and creative agency VCCP, created the campaign, which shares real-life quotes from Aussies who love the chocolate bar to encourage Brits to ask an Aussie form themselves to find out what the excitement is all about.

The bold campaign, which is targeted at British millennials, will run for two months across Cadbury’s social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The campaign lets Aussie fans of the product explain their love for it, making bold claims about the Carammilk bar such as, “you’d give your gran up for one” and, “you’ll love it more than your cat”.

Cadbury will also roll out a series of high impact DOOH sites, such as Waterloo Motion, that shows real tweets and playful social posts from loyal Aussie fans who have confessed their love of Caramlik.

Beatrice Berutti,  brand manager at Mondelez International, said: “It’s been months in the making, but we’re excited to finally launch Caramilk in the UK. After seeing the social media storm of Aussie fans’ reaction to the Caramilk bar we just knew we had to add this much-loved classic to our UK chocolate bar range.”

Chris Birch, executive creative director at VCCP London, added: “It’s not every day you get to launch a chocolate bar as ace as Caramilk, so we were excited to welcome our Aussie cousin from down under to British shelves. And when you’ve got Aussies like Ravi from Melbourne saying he’d give up his Gran for one or Romelie from Perth saying she’d like a sofa made out of it, well we had to use their delicious advocacy.”

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