Rapport Digital develops holistic marketing strategy for startup Mobius Works

Mobius Works' website attracts 1,500 new visitors each month, helping it compete with more established competitors.

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The client:

Established in May 2017, Mobius Works is an Integrated Services Company providing build, electrical and mechanical solutions to the commercial, industrial and luxury residential sectors.

The challenge:

Rapport Digital was approached and asked to define, create and deliver messaging, a new website and a marketing strategy that would catapult this new business into a very competitive market, and fast.

Mobius needed to create a strong presence to establish themselves as innovators to compete and win against much larger, well-established firms. They needed to be seen as a larger company and longer established than they actually were to generate new business to support an ambitious £1m first year turnover.

The strategy:

As a new company, Mobius was completely unknown in their sector yet needed to compete against some very large and long-established firms where contract values are high and clients are risk adverse. Without making any inaccurate claims Rapport Digital needed to portray the image of a larger, longer established business with expertise and a reference base to match.

Their target commercial audience are often owners or managers of properties where image, compliance, cost-control and the continued ability to operate are crucial to business growth. Discerning residential clients are busy professionals, time poor, with a taste for quality and no appetite for hassle. These buyers are increasingly ‘millennials’ who are keen to embrace innovation, technological advances and modern working practices.

Rapport Digital did some competitor analysis and quickly identified that many potential competitors had an old school, traditional marketing presence that has not changed with the times. With the millennial buyer in mind Rapport Digital set out to create a fresh and current website and communication strategy to create the illusion of a larger more experienced company who innovate and adopt modern working practices. It proved to be the right decision.

Marketing activities deployed:

Messaging – extensive buyer profiling, competitor and SWOT analyses helped us to construct a strong and engaging message to target audiences.

Website – regularly updated with new content with a vibrant social media feed.

SEO – Website attracts approximately 2,000 unique visitors per month and increasing.

Reference Materials – A plethora of case studies and testimonials.

Blogs – regular blogs and articles to drive engagement, feed social media and aid SEO.

Social media – An extremely active social media presence across key channels with combined followers in the thousands. One of the best in the industry.

Marketing database – segmented by target customer type.

Email – uses sophisticated, segmentation and event-triggered marketing automation processes as well as regular newsletters which are content segmented to each audience.

Advertising – print and online.

Photography – showcases projects across website and social media.

Awards – Mobius has won multiple Best New Business awards locally, including Bristol Life and Bristol Business Awards.

PR – A focussed PR strategy yields multiple pieces of coverage each month both locally and nationally.

The result:

Mobius is expected to report a turnover for FY 19/20 of £6.8m (from a standing start when launched in May 2017).

High value, inbound enquiries have been generated, which can be tracked directly back to the email and social media and website activity.

Mobius also enjoys an 80% conversion rate on new business meetings aided by lead nurturing and marketing processes. Its website attracts approximately 1,500 new visitors each month, and it has more than 2,000 active social media followers.

The company now has a marketing database of more than 1,200 subscribed contacts, the brand is becoming better known in key markets and it has a healthy new business pipeline. On top of all this, it was named Bristol Life’s Best New Business in 2019.

A spokesperson for Rapport Digital says: “It’s one thing to create a great campaign for a large corporate with deep pockets but quite another to use creative marketing at its very best to help a local start-up compete and win against those same deep-pocketed corporates. The Mobius team put their trust into Rapport Digital to deliver, and we couldn’t be prouder for them or for us.”

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