Meet the lockdown life-coaches

Paul Sampson, CEO at, highlights some of the top influencers to follow for help and inspiration during self-isolation.

Jow Wicks
Faced with an undetermined period of lockdown, the ability to explore the vast plains of the world wide web has become more important than ever before.
Essential for communication, education and entertainment, households the world over are spending so much time online that streaming services like Netflix and YouTube have reduced streaming quality to lessen broadband strain. As swathes of creatives are stuck at home, the internet has become the only creative outlet to share and develop new work. There’s no question – a content boom is taking place.

Much of this content is focused on helping us adapt to the “new normal” of our home-focused worlds. YouTubers are providing invaluable online resources to fill the gaps that self-isolation has caused. With schools closed, children are using educational channels to keep their learning on track. Furloughed professionals can use educational channels to upskill in other areas. Gym closures mean people are turning to YouTube health and wellbeing channels, and restaurant closures have meant a surge in popularity for cooking channels as users look to satisfy cravings for their favourite meals and snacks.

People are also keen to get as much value out of this time at home as possible, and influencers provide a huge amount of information and advice on a whole range of topics. Whether people want to improve their baking or coding skills, there’ll be a YouTube video to help them. So where to start, if you’re looking for someone to help enrich your life with a new skill, information, guidance or encouragement during this pandemic, check out our “Lockdown Life Coaches”…


Arne & Carlos

Dynamic duo Arne & Carlos have started a daily quarantine knitting podcast to “keep their sanity” whilst self-isolating. If knitting isn’t your scene, their channel also has a whole range of baking and gardening videos. If there was ever a time to cook up some delicious meals and tend to your plants – it’s now. Learning a new skill like knitting, or improving your cooking, offers a sense of achievement when you successfully make something you’ve never made before. With the masses of recipes and cook-a-longs available online too, it proves you can still enjoy versions of your favourite restaurant meals at home.


Joe Wicks

Fitness guru, Joe Wicks, is on a mission to get the world fitter, stronger, healthier and happier as the UK’s unofficial P.E. teacher. With almost all kids currently home from school, Joe’s taken to YouTube to give children (and parents) morning P.E. classes to follow at home. His upbeat sessions are a great way to start the day, and will prevent you from becoming a self-isolated couch potato. These fitness-focused channels improve your mood by releasing endorphins from exercise, as well as provide a feeling of accomplishment from completing a workout.

Michelle Goldstein

If you’re feeling cooped up at home, Michelle Goldstein’s yoga and meditation sessions are a great way to ease anxiety and get yourself moving. It’s more important than ever to stay healthy, and her workouts help strengthen and tone your body alongside deep breathing techniques that help relax the mind. As well as feeding both the body and mind, taking some time out of your day to slot a workout in first thing, at lunch or during the evening can give a sense of daily routine.


Sally Le Page

Biologist Sally is teaching a live evolution course on YouTube at 4pm every Thursday. It will cover everything from GCSE level all the way up to first year university standard. Even if you’re not a student, why not use this time in lockdown to learn more about where we all came from?

Maddie Moate

Maddie Moate is an ‘EduTuber’ and BAFTA award-winning presenter, passionate about curiosity. She’s hosting daily science livestreams at 11am on YouTube, supplemented with free resources from places like the RSPB and The Wildlife Trust. So far, she’s done themed weeks on the outdoors, the human body and outer space.

Mark Rober

Former NASA engineer Mark will be “answering life’s toughest questions” through live physics classes on YouTube at 1pm pacific time on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Education channels like these help distract kids (and adults) from the stress of the current situation, by talking about something completely different and new to their audience. They can also lift moods by providing enrichment and a bit of purpose to viewers’ days.


A Small Wardrobe

Australian influencer Patricia espouses all things minimalist, and her content has already taken on a helpful bent during quarantine. She’s uploaded videos with tips on how to look good during lockdown, as well as self-care suggestions and interior design content. She’ll inspire you to consider a calm and uncomplicated new lifestyle, and look good whilst doing it!

The Hooting Pirate

Mum of six Cara, a.k.a. the Hooting Pirate, is the ultimate planner, keeping on top of everything – even in self-isolation. Follow her for some inspiration on how to juggle a busy family life and keep your house spick and span. If your empty calendar has you feeling miserable, Cara has you covered there too with boredom busting ideas..


Shallon Lester

Is lockdown putting a dent in your love life? Author, magazine editor and podcaster Shallon is hosting dating advice live-streams so you can brush up on the do’s and don’ts of dating (even if it may be a while until you actually go on a real-life date again). She’s also on hand with helpful analysis and advice for friendships, relationships and family situations – and there’s a healthy dash of celebrity intrigue on the side.


If your mental health is being tested by life in lockdown, Aileen’s personal growth channel can help. Whether you’re feeling fear, anxiety or panic because of the pandemic, Aileen strives to help her subscribers find inner peace, calm and hope. If you’re looking to spend time boosting your confidence and sense of self-worth, Aileen’s content is definitely worth checking out – and focusing more energy on yourself is never a waste of time.

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