Woburn Safari Park lets visitors roam with lions from the safety of their homes

Alongside opening its doors to the public again, Woburn Safari Park can be explored online with a digital experience roadmap, including 360° views of the park among all its residents.

a lion

The Woburn Estate in Bedford, England, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, has reopened its doors to the public and introduced a digital experience for those preferring to stay at home.

Built by the digital product studio, Freestyle, Woburn Safari Park can now be explored online with a digital experience roadmap which includes 360° views of the park amongst all its residents. Guests can adventure with more than 1,000 wild animals, including Rothschild’s giraffes and Amur tigers, learning about their conservation status along the way, all from the comfort and safety of their home.

Freestyle marketing director, Dan Archer, said: “The work we have done so far with the Woburn Safari Park team has looked to reflect the five-star customer service the Woburn Estate businesses offer to their customers, but this time in the digital space.

“The real-life experiences Woburn customers receive are attentive, well-thought-through and class-leading in their sectors, and our aim as their digital partner was to translate and evolve these experiences into the digital space.”

For customers who are looking for adventurous days out, a trip to Woburn Safari Park promises joy and safety, with social distancing precautions and a seamless customer experience, from booking tickets on the refreshed website, to journeying within the park.

Abigail Crowley, marketing manager at Woburn Safari Park, said: “The work completed by Freestyle for the Woburn Safari Park website is a huge step forward for our customers’ online experience, and we look forward to continuing our partnership, which has been seamless, even under current circumstances.”

Archer added: “With the lockdown slowly easing off, customer mindsets are still in an alert state, making decisions based on emotions. It’s now even more important for businesses that have been affected by COVID-19 to have digital experiences that craft a connection with their customers, communicate clearly with their audiences and make it easy to make a purchase or an enquiry.”

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