Wembley Park welcomes visitors with campaign promoting safe socialising

Wembley Park’s newly launched ‘Open Spaces’ campaign puts visitors’ safety first in wake of Covid-19 outbreak.

Wembley Park, a ‘cultural neighborhood’ in North West London, has launched a creative campaign to promote the area as a safe place to visit and socialise in following the Covid-19 outbreak.

The ‘Open Spaces’ campaign emphasises that everyone in this “different kind of park” will be able to find “the space you need, to do the things you love, with the people that matter”. It promotes public spaces available across the neighbourhood, and forms part of a strategy to raise its profile as the most up and coming district in London.

Photos and videos featured in the campaign show that the 85-acre neighbourhood offers abundant space for people to roam, ensuring visitors’ protection against infection. They capture its spacious shopping opportunities, from local independents to the open-air London Designer Outlet, and al fresco dining outside the city’s largest BOXPARK. The neighbourhood’s open-air spaces are also exhibited in footage of its pedestrian boulevards and outdoor public art.

Aside from reassuring people that visiting Wembley Park will not threaten their safety, the campaign illustrates that city venues can adapt to challenges created by the pandemic in a way that benefits them.

Claudio Giambrone, head of marketing at Wembley Park, said: “In response to the current global situation with Covid-19, we have made Wembley Park’s incredible open-air offering with ample space to roam a key feature that will set us apart this summer.

“It was imperative for us to instil confidence amongst visitors, residents and shoppers in Wembley Park that we have the appropriate measures in place to be safe.”

The neighbourhood is undergoing a major transformation. £3bn has been pumped into its regeneration project – one of the largest of its kind in Europe. The ‘Open Spaces’ campaign highlights this transformation, with ads on digital and social media platforms showing that the neighbourhood offers a range of services and activities. Not only does it host major events, it also offers spaces for people to live and work.

A 32-second video posted on Wembley Park’s Instagram account last weekend marked the campaign’s debut. Viewers who click on the link in the account’s biography can learn more about the different experiences on offer, which range from living and shopping to public art and live music. Digital screens around Wembley Park will also showcase the campaign films.

Farhan Urfi, senior creative director at Small Back Room, the creative agency behind the campaign, said: “Wembley Park has changed in many great ways – and this campaign uses those changes to respond to the sentiment of the audience as they emerge from lockdown.” This can be exemplified by changes made in recent years to allow the park to accommodate large numbers of visitors; owing to these changes, the park could have actually catered to social distancing measures before the pandemic took hold.

“The position Wembley Park occupies in the hearts and minds of the audience is unlike any other part of London. This presented both a challenge and an opportunity.”

The district’s developer took the area’s status as the global home of live music into consideration when making it one of the first districts in the capital to offer a post-lockdown outdoor music programme free of charge.

Wembley Park’s ‘Open Space’ campaign will be live for 12 weeks throughout summer.

For more information on the campaign, visit Wembley Park’s website: https://wembleypark.com/

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