MakeUrMove team up with Jam to boost brand awareness

How MakeUrMove boosted its brand awareness and became a key player in the UK private rental sector.

The client:

MakeUrMove launched in 2008 as the UK’s first national online letting agency, and has worked with over 25,000 landlords and has dealt with more than 225,000 tenants. As an award-winning and industry defining PropTech company, it provides a lettings platform and agency services for UK-based landlords, whilst helping tenants find good homes.

Alexandra Morris, Managing Director of MakeUrMove, was recently awarded Entrepreneur of the Year at the 2020 Prolific North Tech Awards.

The challenge:

MakeUrMove (MuM) is a major player in the UK private rental sector, working with over 25,000 landlords and 225,000 tenants since it launched in 2008.

While MuM is an established online letting agent, brand awareness was low due to previously limited media outreach, and competitors were making a lot more noise and taking the majority of the share of voice.

To create stand out in a competitive market, Jam_ was tasked with building MuM’s presence in national, trade and regional media to build brand awareness and cement the business’ position as a trusted agent for landlords and tenants alike, as well as highlighting the problems that UK landlords face in an ever-changing legislative landscape.

The team wanted a hard-working campaign that positioned MuM as a credible and authoritative voice in the UK private rental sector (PRS). The solution – research-backed media outreach, thought-provoking features and expert reactive commentary with outstanding results.

Jam was tasked with delivering 8 pieces of monthly coverage, 12 national pieces of coverage in total to boost search visibility with mentions on high domain authority websites, trade coverage to position the business as industry experts, 60 per cent of coverage to include a quote to ensure an increase in its share of voice, and to increase traffic to its packages page by 10 per cent.

The strategy:

With no previous media outreach and no access to bespoke research or statistics, Jam recommended a large research piece for UK landlords and tenants to explore their views on renting and the challenges.

Creating a series of synopses before commissioning the research, Jam drafted a number of bespoke questions to ensure an understanding of the audience and the issues they faced, covering topics such as legislative changes, the impact of Brexit on the market, to give the media a unique angle.

From the research, Jam quickly realised that a large proportion of landlords were ‘accidental landlords’, who were being grouped with much larger landlords and being painted in a negative light. With a number of complex legislative changes on the horizon, Jam recognised the need to communicate these issues in a clear, concise way to raise media awareness and educate people about the difference between accidental, smaller landlords and those with larger portfolios, creating a more positive image of landlords along the way.

To achieve this, Jam needed to build a strong awareness campaign that highlighted landlords’ pain points, drawing attention to the huge amount of legislation they have to deal with. The bespoke research into both landlord and tenant markets was crucial to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the issues they were facing.

Although the brief was to be purely landlord focused, Jam knew from the research the need to provide a balanced view with tenant related stories, to secure cut through and capture the media’s attention.

Following the research findings, Jam developed a timeline of stories to drip feed to the media over the campaign period, with a mix of landlord and tenant focused stories that would appeal to national and trade journalists. Jam also regionalised the stories with bespoke statistics to ensure a strong hook for regional media. This ensured the brand was always at the front of mind with the media with a constant stream of news.

Jam also recognised the need to be very adaptable due to changing government initiatives within the property sector. In addition to the planned schedule of stories, Jam monitored the news agenda daily offering comments and additional statistics when relevant news broke to ensure MuM were at the forefront of any developments and conversations. This included commentary on interest rate rises, the tenant fees bill and Brexit.

The campaign was bolstered with profile opportunities secured for Alexandra Morris, MuM’s Managing Director, positioning her as a thought leader within the industry and raising her profile as a woman in a traditionally male-dominated industry.

The result:

Jam created editorial content of genuine interest to both journalists and the general public, educating people about the reality of being a landlord and tenant in the UK today, positioning MakeUrMove as a true expert in its field, all the while supporting UK landlords and tenants.

Thanks to Jam’s media outreach and strong editorial relationships, all of the objectives set at the outset of the campaign were exceeded and resulted in an extension of the original six-month contract.

In the campaign period, Jam achieved:

  • 258 pieces of coverage (293 per cent above target)
  • Secured 18 national articles (50 per cent above target), boosting search visibility via mentions on high DA sites. Website user acquisition from organic search was up 3 per cent versus the same period the previous year
  • Secured 9 regional articles per month (80 per cent above target)
  • Secured 10 trade articles per month (66 per cent above target), positioning MuM as an industry expert
  • 80 per cent of coverage included a quote (20 per cent above target), increasing MuM’s share of voice in the media and reinforcing the brand’s position as a credible commentator on the UK private rental sector
  • 13 per cent of coverage included a link to MuM’s website. As a result, MuM’s DA increased from 29 to 47. Web traffic also increased by 19,432 clicks
  • Increased traffic to packages page by 50 per cent

Jam also reached 47 million people with the education of landlords and tenants about the reality of renting in today’s social, financial and political climate. The campaign provided a low cost with 1,424 people reached per £1 spent. Jam also achieved 189 per cent brand penetration with 490 brand mentions and helped MakeUrMove achieve a growth of 33 per cent based on new customer sign-ups.

Jaime Gee, Managing Director and Co-founder of marketing communications agency, Jam_, said: “With no media outreach conducted previously, we had to very quickly get to grips with the MakeUrMove brand and the relevant contacts. Our solid knowledge of the sector, teamed with in-depth research into industry issues gave us a clear understanding of the audience and the landscape and enabled us to communicate with them effectively via our target media.

“We produced editorial content of genuine interest to both journalists and the general public, educating people about the reality of being a landlord and tenant in the UK today, positioning MakeUrMove as a true expert in its field, all the while supporting UK landlords and tenants.”

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