UK’s largest dog helps Aldi launch biggest ever pet range

16.5 stone Balthazar the Great Dane showcases exactly how much he ‘woofs’ down a year, amounting to £1,600 worth of food.

Supermarket brand Aldi has launched its biggest ever pet range, with a little help from the UK’s largest dog – 16.5 stone Balthazar the Great Dane.

Balthazar’s humongous size sees the 3ft 3in tall, 7ft from tip-to-tail dog, demolish over 40kg of food every month, setting his owner back more than £130. However, thanks to the core range of pet food available in Aldi stores nationwide all year around, Balthazar’s owner could save up to 70% on food – equating to £10,000 over the course of his lifetime.

Big spenders

Research shows that Brits spend an average of £27,000 on their pets over its lifetime, with the PDSA (People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals) putting the cost even higher at up to £33,000 depending on size and breed.

Recently voted the nation’s favourite dog, the loyal Labrador can set owners back an average of £6,000 for food alone over the course of its lifetime. Giant breeds, such as Great Danes like Balthazar, are the most expensive breeds to own.

Aldi says its new range for dogs and cats could save owners more than £4,700 throughout a pets life compared to other retailers. A selection of premium pet products will be available in stores from February 22. From toys and towels, to cages and coats, the range is sure to impress your beloved pet. One of the biggest savings owners can make is on Aldi’s Specialbuy Pet Beds, which will save owners 62%.

Vinnie Monte-Irvine, Balthazar’s owner, said: “There’s no denying that Balthazar is an extremely large dog and the associated costs of his upkeep are above average. It’s great to see such a vast array of products available at Aldi at very reasonable prices. Pet owners could save a considerable amount of money – especially owners like myself who have get through above average amounts!”

Julie Ashfield, joint MD of Corporate Buying at Aldi UK, said: “At Aldi we know how important our furry family members are and we’re committed to providing only the best for pets and their owners. This dedicated pet range is available at unbeatable prices and will help UK families to lower the overall costs of owning a pet, yet maintaining a high standard of care and quality of life.”

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